Friday, February 09, 2007

Is it ever okay to suspend habeas corpus?

No. Habeas corpus ad subjiciendum is one of the most important writs of all time. Without it, the state can go around arresting everyone for no reason, and though I'm sure that sounds fucking great to some people, it's not fair to everyone else. I know that most societal laws (and even life itself) are imperfect, but that doesn't mean you get to dump one of the major ones whenever you want just because it's not working out for you at that time. You be a man and deal with the laws that make sense.

It's kinda like Monopoly. The purpose of playing Monopoly is to have fun. But if you're playing Monopoly with someone who will arbitrarily break the rules, then that's not fun. That's just a bunch of shit. So if you want life to work out good for everyone, then go do your thing and don't get arrested, and don't unlawfully arrest someone else. If you don't care about life working out good for everyone, then go kill yourself. Let the rest of us keep playing. Stop being such a dick.


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